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Hi, we’re Make Battery, one brand of Lejia Intelligence Technology Company Limited.

Make Battery focuses on the battery market with 10 years knowledge base.

Our office is in Shenzhen and the factory is in Dongguan. Our team begins with 2 people and now is over 200 staff.

I’m guessing that’s not the kind of stuff you’re looking for.

You’re probably wondering,

Is This Company Worth My Time And Attention?

For many of you, my answer is NO.

Here’s why:

1. Make Battery can not help you get the lowest price.

The company works for profit and people like the lowest price to “get rich quick” for some reasons.

We get it.

But you may know that there is never a lowest price in China, it could only be lower.

Especially in recent years, many factories have brought down the quality to “get best price” because of the market downturn.

However, customers are the reason why we exist. We cannot do the poor quality work for lowering the price.

So if you’re not prepared to commit to a better work than you’re expecting, Make Battery is not your choice.

2. If you want to work with a big company, you’re not going to enjoy Make Battery’s work.

Yes, we are a growing company. Make Battery does not have many industrial parks or buildings in different locations.

You’ll see a big company have many advantages like more established reputation and have greater amounts of funds and resources. Probably it will work for you to some extent.

But when you’re riding an elephant, you don’t worry about the ants. The biggest company is not so caring about customer’s simple requests. And they don’t handle clients’ questions and concerns for quick.

Sometimes, it will become a headache. If you want to try, hope you can enjoy your time.

3. If you’re looking for “The Easy Way”, Make Battery is not your way.

It’s important to understand that every project needs many passions to get your every penny counts.

From beginning to the end, it may have many issues to be confirmed and dealt with, we cannot send the goods without customer’s approval and after-sale service. Although it takes times, we need effective communications as a team for a better job.

If you think it wastes your time, please go to see a movie. It’s more fun.

You’re Still Here? Good.

We are closer to you. We are here. (Click to contact us)

People in Make Battery


  • 2006

    Engaged in production of mobile phone battery

  • 2009

    Launched First New Energy Group Co., Ltd, focus on 18650 battery

  • 2010

    Brought Ternary Material into battery industry

  • 2011

    Positioned the battery market for electric vehicle

  • 2012

    Production capacity reached 500k pcs per day

  • 2013

    Our company became the No.1 18650 lithium battery supplier in China in 2013 (the third largest in the world)

  • 2014

    Established Bochuang, with the production line of power bank and electric bicycle battery

  • 2015

    Registered Xunzhuo brand for power bank and became TOP 20 power bank supplier in China

  • 2016

    Started to get into the PV battery, household energy storage, smart home product and more

  • 2017

    Our company lithium-ion battery industry annual production close to 20GWh

  • 2018

    We are looking for another breakthrough with you



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