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Li-Po Battery

Besides liquid Li-Ion cells (NMC cell  and LFP cell), there is another version of battery – lithium polymer battery (abbreviated as Li-Po or LiPo), which use polymer electrolyte instead.

Unlike lithium-ion cylindrical cells packed with a rigid metal case, LiPo cells are with a flexible, foil-type aluminum coated foil case, so they are relatively unconstrained. In the same capacity, LiPo cell is more than 20% lighter than cylindrical cell. And it provide a 10% to 15% higher energy density (385wh/L) than liquid lithium battery types. Therefore, they are widely used in personal electronics applications like tablet, computers, cellular telephone or handsets.

The nominal voltage of LiPo cell is 3.7V. For the 7.4V lipo battery packs and above, that means that there are two cells in series. Please note that do not do parallel charging if you use LiPo battery packs or it may reduce the battery pack’s life cycles.

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