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Ebike Battery

Generally, an ebike is including a battery, a controller, a power aid sensor, an electric motor, and control centra.

The ebike battery is the energy for Electric vehicle, the main control panel of the controller is the main circuit of the electric vehicle. It has a large operating current and generates a large amount of heat. The battery management system(BMS) is mainly used for electric vehicle power battery parameters monitoring in real-time, fault diagnosis, SOC estimation, mileage estimation, short-circuit protection, leakage monitoring, alarm display, and the information interaction with vehicle integrated controller or charger through CAN bus, ensure that electric vehicles can operate efficiently, reliably and safely.

The driving mileage of an electric vehicle (depending on the endurance time) is related to the electric motor power of the electric vehicle, the energy supply capacity of the battery pack, the road condition, the load and so on.

Math on life time(ideally): Energy supply capacity of the battery pack (Voltage * Capacity)/Motor power (W) = Operating time (hours)
Math on mileage: Speed at rated load (kilometers/hour ) * working hours (hour)

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