• portable solar generator

MakeBattery HUP 220 Portable Solar Generator

  • Model No.: MB-G201
  • Capacity: 220Wh(3.7V/60000mAh)
  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion cell
  • Input: DC 15V/4.5A by adapter or solar panel(not included)
  • AC Output: 100V-120V/60Hz or 220-240V/50Hz
  • Related Output Power: 200W
  • Peak Output Power: 250W(2 seconds)
  • USB Output: 2*5V/3.1A(Max)
  • Inverter Waveform: Pure Sine Wave
  • Net Weight: 5.53lb/2.5kg
  • Dimension: 250*86*160mm/9.8*3.3*6.3inches
  • Application: Portable fridge, Drone, Laptops, outdoor activity, emergency service, speaker, etc


solar power generator
solar power generator

60000mAh High Capacity
Charges For ANY Devices Less Than 200 Watt

Smartphone: 30 Recharges

LED light: 10 Hours

Tablet: 11 Recharges

Laptop 50W: 4 Hours

Electric razor 2W: 95 Hours

Fan 110V/25W: 8 Hours


Lightning fast recharging by versatile power inputs allow you to recharge no matter where you are:

  • Solar panel 15V4.5A(purchase separately)
  • Wall adapter(included)
  • Car charge(purchase separately)


  • 5V3.1A USB output * 2
  • Pure sine wave AC output(250W Max) * 1(or 2)
  • 12V(7A Max) DC output * 2
solar power generator
solar power generator

Case Process: Anodic Oxidation

It can form a hard protective layer on the surface, without fading, more wear and corrosion resistance.

Case Material: Aluminum Alloy Metal

Aircraft grade material, features scurf resistance, anti-drop, impact resistant, anti-explosion and better cooling.

Safety Guaranteed
Unique wind channel design & Battery Management System(BMS)

Built-in S.E.C tec.(Smart Energy Control), embed with SBASE SPWM Smart Power processor with Cooling Fan system. Provides continuous DC to Ultra pure sine wave AC to power up major household appliances. It undertakes voltage control, temperature control and more advanced safety operations, ensuring complete protection for you and your devices.

solar power generator
solar power generator

What It Powers

¤ Portable fridge           ¤ Digital devices

¤ Electric wrench                ¤ Drone

¤ Printer                                ¤ Emergency equipment

Not Suitable For

¤ Electromagnetic oven             ¤ Coffer maker

¤ Hair dryer             ¤ Air conditioner

¤ Electric radiator              ¤ Juice extractor

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