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Solar Home Power System

When you consult with a solar company, they’ll give you an honest assessment. If your home isn’t ideal for solar, they’ll tell you—and vice versa. To prepare for your consultation, here are some of the criteria companies look at to see if your house will efficiently run on solar—and if the solar system will save you money.

  • Roof Size

More energy means more roof space to accommodate. Normally, every kw of energy you use needs about 100 sq. ft. of solar panels(12% efficiency).

  • Placement of Panels

Your solar panels need to be installed on eastern, southern, or western facing roofs. The problem is only trees obstructing sun or a need for a larger unit.

  • Sun Exposure

How many hours of sunlight you get per day? Locations with less sun need bigger systems to harness more energy.

  • Energy Needs

Solar companies calculate a quote by dividing your average daily electrical use by the power you get from the sun, and multiplying that by 71 percent.

  • Cost vs Incentives

Whether it is a rebate or selling energy back to utility companies, if it saves you money and solar power is a great, it’s your great choice.

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